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Whether you’re here for world-class fishing, camping in the mountains, or a national park tour, we have comfortable, reliable vehicles to explore all that Montana has to offer. With an array of 4-wheel drive rental cars equipped to handle Montana’s rough terrain and ample space to store all of your group’s gear, Missoula Car Rentals gets you on the road. For added convenience, we offer free, 24/7 roadside assistance and concierge pick-up and drop-off with every rental.

Ultimate Guide To Exploring the Bitterroot Valley

Nestled in the heart of Missoula’s flourishing wilderness, the Bitterroot Valley is a 95-mile-long stretch of untamed forests, steep mountain cliffs, and deep canyons.  The valley lies smack in between the Bitterroot Range in the West and the Sapphire Mountains in the East and is one of the best travel destinations for those looking for […]

11 Best Hikes in Missoula

Besides its thriving culture, historic buildings, and spectacular museums, Missoula is also known for its scenic hiking trails. This tranquil city in Western Montana is a popular choice for a day of good, old-fashioned adventure exploring beautiful trails that overlook lush mountains, pristine clearwater springs, and flourishing wildlife. And with 60,000 acres of surrounding wilderness, […]

The Best Things to Do in Missoula, Montana

With its jagged Rocky Mountains and stunning Great Plains, Montana is a naturally exciting state that people come from far and wide to explore. If you’re flying into Missoula, you’ll find a variety of fun things to do. Known for its natural beauty and vibrant city center, this area has so much to offer. No […]

The Journey to Glacier National Park from Missoula

Millions of people visit Glacier National Park each year, and one of the easiest ways to get there is a car rental from the airport. Here are some of our favorite travel recommendations for the journey to Glacier National Park and which rental car to choose for the trip. What Does Glacier National Park Have […]