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Equipped with ample advertising space to meet your business’s goals, Missoula Car Rentals’ 2016 Chevy mobile billboard truck puts personalized advertising power into your hands. Simply place your desired advertising content on the display on the back of the truck, and you’ll gain instant visibility for your brand. Reach your audience on busy city streets or at roadside events.

You don’t have to own expensive equipment to advertise effectively. Book your 2016 Chevy mobile billboard truck with Missoula Car Rentals today! 

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising in Missoula

Missoula Car Rentals’ 2016 Chevy mobile billboard truck provides convenient mobile ad space to promote your business, event, or political candidacy.

  • Customize your advertising routes and parking areas based on population density and target audience
  • Enter smaller markets where traditional, stationary billboard space is hard to find
  • Make an impression with large, eye-catching images visible from a distance

Enhance your advertising power in Missoula with a mobile billboard truck rental today.

Renting Your Mobile Billboard Truck is Simple at Missoula Car Rentals

Located in Missoula, Montana, our rental experts are ready to help you reach your business advertising goals with a mobile billboard truck rental. As with all of our vehicle rentals, you’ll enjoy convenient, concierge service pick-ups and drop-offs. We’re open seven days a week and can bring the truck to you on your schedule.

Contact us to secure your mobile billboard truck at a low rate or inquire about availability or insurance coverage. Whether you’re in search of heavy equipment or 4-wheel drive cars, our fleet of top-quality vehicles can help you explore better and work better anywhere in Western Montana.

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